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Davidson Correia

Davidson Correia

Lusophone Programme Coordinator, Ashinaga Uganda

After I finished my graduation in chemistry, I promised myself I would never be a teacher. Fortunately, destiny forced me to become a teacher, and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Because of that, I found my love for education and my long-life goal, which was to change the education system in Brazil. Destiny surprised me once more when I had the chance to work for Ashinaga Uganda as an intern. My love for education could then be amplified to the whole world, as I learned about and interacted with the differences in education not only in Africa, but all around the globe. Now I am responsible for the Lusophone African students in our Study Camp, and my will to change the world’s education together with Ashinaga just grows bigger, as our visions overlap more and more each day.

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