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Shamina Sato

Shamina Sato

Emotional Care Department, Ashinaga Rainbow House

I lost my father at a very young age. All things considered, I had a privileged upbringing, but I didn’t have access to resources or spaces to heal the emotional wounds that were inflicted on me as a result of my father’s death. Despite how much time passes, the loss of a parent experienced in childhood will always stick with that person. How one copes with that loss can completely change the trajectory of their life, which is why I believe that the support of adults is extremely important for grieving children.


As I steadily approached 31, the age that my father passed away, I started to think more seriously about my life purpose. That was when I happened to meet a few people from Ashinaga and learn about their services. I became especially interested in emotional care and expressed to them that I wanted to work at Ashinaga, which ultimately led to me joining the organization. Rainbow House is a place where bereaved children can meet others with similar experiences, which I did not have when I was a child. The fact that I work here now definitely makes me feel like my father is watching over me.


My motivation comes from wanting to do my part in building a world that is liveable for all, and where one less child feels the isolation that I experienced in my childhood. If everyone contributes in ways that they can, I think it is possible to build a world that is easier for grieving children and parents to live in. That is something I want to keep in mind as I continue to devote myself to this work.

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